The Oryx story began when internationally-published fitness magazine contributor and underwear cover model Eric Turner was at a photoshoot for a very popular and expensive brand. As he put on a very expensive pair of running pants, the main seam gave way and they split open along the thigh. Figuring it was because he had larger thighs, he just went on with the shoot.

A couple of outfit changes later, the photographer handed him an expensive pair of underwear and told him to put it on. He did as he was told. Again, as the underwear reached his knees and caught on the bend in his knee he tugged them up his legs. The underwear ripped straight along the seam, and fell apart.

Frustrated, he showed the photographer, and they both laughed at how expensive this underwear was, and how easily it fell apart.

The experience planted a seed.

He pondered on the experience for several years, thinking, "It's ridiculous that an underwear brand can charge so much for underwear that's so cheap. If I started an underwear brand, that'd never happen. It would be comfortable, high quality, and people wouldn't have to pay a premium underwear price for underwear that wouldn't last.”

As this seed continued to grow, he took a trip to South Africa. While on safari, he was pondering the next steps to take to see his brand come to life. What would define his brand? “High quality, comfortable, playful, uncomplicated, classic, confident, aspirational…”

As he was thinking about this brand and how to project the image he believed it would represent, the jeep veered around a corner. He looked up and saw several of the most beautiful and powerful looking animals he'd ever seen, walking across the hill. They were some type of antelope. As he watched the animals beautifully and gracefully take step after step, the safari guide explained, "Those are gemsbok, a type of Oryx- the largest species of antelope. The bush people respect and revere them because of what they represent. They're strong enough that they can defend themselves against an entire pride of lions, and they never back down from a fight. You'd never guess how tough they are just by looking at them.”

And as he sat fixated, studying these magnificent creatures work their way across the savanna, he immediately knew how to project everything his brand would represent, and Oryx was born.

Oryx is an aspirational lifestyle brand for the confident man.  Its quality styling and refined yet playful nature make it the ideal expression for his driven and uncomplicated lifestyle.  Whether on Wall St or playing in nature, he will command attention and find comfort in Oryx.

Eric Turner: Founder, Oryx

Eric Turner: Founder, Oryx